About the Dairy

Located in southeastern Wisconsin in the picturesque valleys left from the last glaciation is a small dairy farm that has sustained three generations of the Henningfeld family. 

Romari Farms started in 1942 when Roman and Marion Henningfeld purchased a 97 acre farmstead just outside of East Troy, Wisconsin.

 Roman and Marion left a legacy of strong herdsmanship and land management to their son Roman and wife Carol Henningfeld, who operated the farm with the help of their 7 children from the 1960s and into the 2000s.   

The current farm, run by Frank and Colleen Henningfeld, Roman and Carol’s oldest son, is a robust 65 head of milking cows plus other livestock. The milking cows, affectionately known as “the girls,” are the backbone of the farm, producing 480 gallons of milk on average per day. The girls are a blend of black and white and brown cow breeds.  Frank and Colleen focus on longevity, health and comfort for their animals.



Morning milking begins at 4:45 am and afternoon milking at 4:15 pm. Every Sunday, a milk truck from Clock Shadow Creamery arrives at the farm to pick up the milk and haul it back to the creamery where cheesemaker Ron Henningfeld, youngest son of Roman and Carol, makes cheese on Monday for sale at local markets, specialty shops, groceries, and restaurants.


The result is a lovely, creamy milk that is so good, it was destined to be made into cheese.