Here is what we doing:

Hill Valley Dairy continues to keep safety and sanitation our highest priority. We did stop production over the last few

Here is how you can help:

1.Be patient. 🙂 We are just as excited as you are for those fresh weekly cheese curds, however our production heavily depends on our wholesale business to restaurants, which as you can imagine has greatly slowed. This has also had a great effect on our availability to ship items. We are working to rebuild our inventory so we can offer shipping on all of your favorite Hill Valley Dairy cheeses! We hope to have shipping up and running again in the fall!

2. Shop Local and eat cheese! Not just our cheese, but all cheese, but especially Wisco cheese. While you are at it, add any and all dairy products to that list. Farmers need our help! With out consumers purchasing the by product of their milk and animals Farmers face an even more concerning future. If you see stores limiting dairy products please contact